Yoga for Life Yoga Synergy: Liberation of Mind/Body

Posted 6/23/21

Creating synergy in the body. What do we mean by Yoga “synergy?” “Yoga synergy embraces the art and tradition of Yoga combined with other body movements...

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Yoga for Life Yoga Synergy: Liberation of Mind/Body


Creating synergy in the body. What do we mean by Yoga “synergy?” “Yoga synergy embraces the art and tradition of Yoga combined with other body movements for greater flexibility and “mindfulness.” Yoga “mindfulness” means focus and concentration when doing postures to fire up the muscles/brain/tissues/circulation that generates awareness of all voluntary movements and making them work more efficiently. When the voluntary system is the focus of the mind to improve, the involuntary parts “synergy” and both work together more efficiently. Awareness is key to health.

In the workplace, “synergy” is applied cooperation for the good of the whole, working and collaborating together to create something that is bigger or greater than the sum of individual efforts.

A Yoga practice is the combination of energy produced in harmony with all body parts. When a physical function is impaired by thought/actions or a physical accident, the “mind” has to regenerate healing as soon as the mind is aware of injury to re-evaluate and renew the impaired physical/mental/spiritual blockade. The mind has a choice: To focus on “injury” or “objectified healing”. Books, research, knowledge expansion can offer a path back to health but knowledge in confinement cannot heal; healing involves “collaboration” in and outside the mind/body. If an ankle is sprained, pain is the focal point to give awareness of a physical point of impairment. The physical body works in “synergy” with thoughts to create an “attitude” of healing and to work on solutions.

Sound idealistic? The other choice is to perceive an injury as an altering negative event that remains negative physically, mentally, spiritually and the mind gives up. Medical cures can be researched and applied with the scholarly skills of a physician but the rest is up to the individual and attitude towards healing.

Injuries require attention. A Yoga practitioner maintains a strong sense of well-being and practices that philosophy in everyday situations not just coming to a Yoga class. Yoga involves practical application in the “real world.” It is good idea to apply Yoga principles in living a life of regeneration in all circumstances. Yoga provides the opportunity to view life through a wellness practice despite circumstances. Life is unpredictable but humans can manifest healing energy in these circumstances.

Healing energy restores flow and balance of other subtle energy systems of the body by removing physical and mental blocks. How does Energy Healing work? Life energy flows through the body, mind and spirit like water. The mind, at this stage of our awareness, may not yet be able to regenerate a new ankle or leg but a starfish can? Maybe one day

A beginning step in energy healing begins with doing the requisite self-work to resolve issues.

Improving Yoga postures in practice, stimulates healing energy. Habit patterns may block conscious awareness and give into what is “familiar.” When we hold Yoga asanas (poses) for long periods of time, feelings start to bubble up as the focus turns inward and we become more aware of what is going on within. We begin to tune in and really feel whatever is coming up.

One way in Yoga to bring focuses into the present is to grab a belt or strap and lie flat on the back with one arm outstretched from the shoulder. Wrap the strap around the arch of the leg on opposite side where the arm is lengthened from the shoulder. Gradually, raise the leg and pull it towards the forehead as you straighten it as much as possible. Note the Yoginis in the YMCA class who are concentrating on bringing the leg slowly towards the sky, loosening the leg muscles, strengthening the abdominals and back muscles. You can see the concentration of the practioners, Elsa, Arlene, Ken, Shelley, Linda, Margot, Lorene and Matt as they are going inward to determine flexibility. Yoga is a practice that rewards consistency.

Thus, when practicing Yoga, ground the mind and focus on doing the postures. Surrender emotional turmoil and explore the sensations in the body.

At the end of every Yoga class, the last pose is “Shavasana,” lying flat on the floor and letting go. The mind lets go of the body as it sinks into the Earth to renew and relax. Whenever you feel the time comes to experience a new phase of personal growth, choose Yoga!

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