Yoga for Life: Inventing a new life

Posted 6/21/23

“Water” has always been considered the center of human health and wellness.

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Yoga for Life: Inventing a new life


“Water” has always been considered the center of human health and wellness. An imbalance of water in the human body can results in dehydration instability and physical weakness. A Yoga, proactive philosophy and practice emphasizes “water” as an essential element to sustain the body and fluid movement in the internal organs and the breath. Yoga poses are a flow of movements, executed with concentration, to gain psychological and physical benefits.

All living entities require water to live. Water is Nature’s gift of life, just as the intention to create a healthy body/mind through a Yoga practice. Yoga emphasizes deep breathing from the diaphragm which heightens mobility, flexibility and lengthening of the spine. Long slow breaths relieve physical, mental, emotional stress. A focused Yoga practice clears the mind of “worldly” thinking and creates an expanded definition of “new a new life” with vitality.

Todays’ Yoga practice is demonstrated by the Shield Wellness Yoga class in Sebring, initiating a posture that aligns the spine, awakens core abdominal muscles, lengthens, and strengthens the hamstrings. This sitting posture is an extension of the standing pose “Tadassana” or “Mountain Pose.” Just as standing “Mountain Pose,” the same disciplined execution is requiring to lengthen the spine, while also lengthening the legs, arms, and in an uncompromised posture. This means, the pose is held firmly with a straight spine and hamstrings flattened into the mat, as straight arms are lengthened down by the sides, with an elongated neck and ears in alignment with the shoulders. This pose is held for several breaths in the seated position then standing, in the same form, in “Tasadassna” or “Mountain Pose.” Notice that the simple move of holding the heels “glued” to the mat with toes pulled towards the torso, allows the lengthening of the lower torso with each deepened inhale/exhale. This posture is excellent for a lunch break practice with fellow workers convening together on individual Yoga mats. This pose releases tension through the lower body. What better way to enjoy a lunch break than rolling out the Yoga mat, joining with others for fun and laughter while learning and practicing Yoga. You an also contact this Yoga instructor to lead a group lunch practice.

When Yoga becomes a daily “habit” share the practice with others for fun, laughter, and improved health/wellness. For a weekly practice come to the FREE YOGA classes with Instructor Dr Nancy Dale, at Shield Wellness Center, 4597 Casablanca Circle, Sebring, three times a week, Mondays, and Fridays, 1 to 2:30 p.m. and Thursdays 5:30 to 7 p.m. It is a fun way to improve health and wellness!

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