Cattle drive fundraiser through LaBelle


LABELLE - The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at Country Oaks Elementary School has come up with a truly unique fundraiser. The fundraiser, set up to raise money for new playground equipment, allows supporters to donate money in order to place a herd of cattle in an unsuspecting friend’s front yard.

“Each day, two herds of bovines will be placed in the front yards of Colt Supporters (or friends of) that donate a minimum of $25. The herding is done in good spirits and not meant to be mean. The cows will graze on your lawn until  this evening when they will mysteriously mosey on to another friend’s (victim’s) lawn,” the school explained. “If you would like to specify the next victim, all we ask is a minimum $25 donation to our cause. We will drive the herd based on requests received by 3:30 p.m. each day, within the LaBelle area. Of course, the removal will be done at no charge if you would rather not participate, so please don’t rustle our herd. Again, thank you for your sense of humor and your support.”

If you would like to participate in this fun fundraiser, contact Country Oaks Elementary PTO by phone: 863-674-4140, and make a donation to drive the herd to another location.

The PTO asks that you bring your donation to Country Oaks Elementary, and ask for Mrs. Garcia or Mrs. Story before the next cattle drive.

Country Oaks Elementary is located at 2052 NE Eucalyptus Blvd in LaBelle.