Hendry students nourished at home and in school


HENDRY COUNTY — As the pandemic continues to complicate lives, many parents have decided to continue to keep their students at home while they learn to navigate virtual classes. With so many challenges, many of those families are experiencing financial difficulties and food insecurity. The Sodexo/Hendry County Food Service team wants to make sure these families know food is available to any and all Hendry County Students.

“We will not refuse service to any student,” explained Erwin Evans, General Manager of Sodexo/Hendry County Food Service. He manages the food services throughout the Hendry County School District. “What I want the community to know is that the Sodexo/Hendry County Food Service team is doing everything that we can do to ensure that Hendry County’s students are not only getting the best meal possible, but the safest meal possible under these extreme conditions. Our meals will meet the requirements of the USDA and of the National School Lunch Program, and we’ve added to our standards the guidance of the CDC as well. The team will always adhere to proper handwashing, wearing gloves, and of course wearing masks. We are committed to keeping our students fed and safe!”

As the essential workers of Sodexo/Hendry County Food Service team work hard to keep students nourished throughout the week, the cars line up for food pick up at each school around lunchtime.

“These lines are quick and efficient. It’s great. I have been so happy to find out that I can pick up meals for my kids,” said a local mother of three Hendry County students. “We have been hit hard by this COVID stuff, and every little bit helps.”

“It’s been hard, for my parents,” said one child. “It’s really kind of a bad time for us, too. It’s super cool we can still get the school food, ‘cause some of it tastes really good. Some of it is also really healthy, but that’s okay, too. I do like the fruit and sometimes the salads.”

For those interested in meal pick-ups for their students, Evans says should call their school’s office or cafeteria managers for any details and to make arrangements.