Nurse Faye retires from the Hendry County School district


Faye Dozier began her career as a school nurse with the Hendry County School District on Aug. 24, 1992. She was hired at Country Oaks Elementary School (COES) by Principal Michael Gasz. She is known affectionately as “Nurse Faye” by everyone. She worked as the school nurse at COES for 20 years before transferring to LaBelle Elementary School for the 2012-2013 school year. In 2008, the nurses were taken out of the schools, but Nurse Faye became the district traveling nurse for the LaBelle side of Hendry County for four years. She has treated so many students and employees over the course of her career with Hendry County schools. The next time you see Nurse Faye, congratulate her on a well-deserved retirement!