Yoga for Life: Strengthening immune response

Posted 1/28/22

Listen to your intuition. Merriam Webster defines “intuition” as “the ability to know something without having proof.” An example of intuition is feeling uneasy...

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Yoga for Life: Strengthening immune response


Listen to your intuition. Merriam Webster defines “intuition” as “the ability to know something without having proof.” An example of intuition is feeling uneasy about a situation which is not based on fact when a “deep memory” wells up in the brain which triggers the release of neurochemicals (chemical substances that affects the nervous system, Oxford Languages) in the brain and gut. Research may assist in finding answers when analyzed objectively with documented proof. According to John Hopkins Medicine ( indicates that there is the innate immune system from birth and the adaptive immune system developed when the body makes special proteins (called antibodies) to protect the body from specific invaders (acquired immunity). A yoga practice strengthens the body’s immune system in collaboration with other healthy choices: plenty of sleep, whole food, lower stress levels by pro-active thinking, avoiding smoking (

Practicing yoga postures, helps center mind/body on positive goals along with purposeful movement to align body parts, internally/externally that assists in maintaining health by focusing the mind, relieving mental/physical stress that becomes lodged in thinking, and subconsciously lodged in the physical/mental body. Also, yoga is strength building, focusing on poses that for many centuries are based on a philosophy/practice from India. Yoga postures or “asanas” are more than stretching, bending, twisting the body - it is an every changing field of energy and intelligence. Yoga is a process for healing and self-regulating the body/mind to achieve homeostatic balance that illness disrupts. Illness begins in the mind and is expressed in the body through habits/choices. When you practice yoga, you can think of nothing else.

Our early ancestors were hunter/gathers, moving, crawling, jumping twisting, bending to keep the body strong, flexible and balanced. Early humans had no choice but to harmonize with nature and integrate animal qualities/habits to survive. They were rugged individualists, inventing survival skills. Today, yoga asanas build functional momentum such as strength, flexibility, balance and coordination in concert with healthy eating/thinking. Are we maintaining rugged individualism or do we conform to what is easy?

With an overflow of media content, constantly broadcast through technology in this age, the mind needs to consciously take charge of building immunity and consciousness for mental/physical/emotional well-being. A blend of yoga poses, assists each person to create a positive reality.

Today’s yoga practice is simple to learn: Abdominal breathing. Lie on the back with both hands on the abdomen and breathe slowly, deeply pulling air into the lowest part of the lungs so your hands rise. Sitting continuously and fretting over imagined consequences, breakdowns the immune systems. Abdominal breathing increases oxygenated blood throughout the body as it massages and stimulates thinking. If today it is the last day of life, appreciate the beauty in each moment and communicate positivity.

Stay functionally healthy!

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