Alzheimers prevention and possible treatment

Posted 7/19/22

There are ways you can combat Alzheimer's Disease.

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Alzheimers prevention and possible treatment


There are ways you can combat Alzheimer's Disease.


• Avoid obesity, keeping your BMI below 25 (obesity increases risk of alzheimers by 600%)

• Control diabetes and prediabetes aggressively.  High insulin levels are toxic to the brain.

• Keep blood pressure under control

• Keep cholesterol under control

• Supplements that have been shown to help:

• Turmeric 1 teaspoon daily (probably the most important supplement)

• Folic acid 800mcg daily

• DHA 500-1000mg daily

• Phosphatidylserine 100-200mg daily

• B12 1000mcg daily

• Cinnamon

• Polyphenols - found in fruits like blueberries and colorful vegetables

• Coffee - 3 cups daily offers a 31% reduction in risk

• Avoid saturated fats

• Mediterranean diet - especially olive oil

•  Mild alcohol use

•  Vitamin D

•  Taking estrogen (for women)  - 40% reduction in alzheimers risk

•  Fruit juices 3 times weekly - 76% reduction in risk

•  Resveratrol 20-200mg daily

•  Vitamin E helps with the brain, but can cause cancer and other health problems


•  There are medications that sometimes improve function, most slow down progression

•  Cocoanut oil - improves available energy for the brain, but significantly increases risk for heart attacks and strokes

•  Vitamin E 2000iu’s daily

• Exercise

Note: Ginkgo biloba does not help prevent or treat Alzheimer’s or other dementias

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