Employee accused of stealing her manager’s credit card


OKEECHOBEE — After a store manager allowed an employee to come to her home and use her washing machine, the employee reportedly repaid the kindness by stealing her credit card.

Melissa Ann Lamb, 41, U.S. 441 South was arrested Jan. 12 by Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Deputy Karson Reno and charged with use of another person’s identification without consent, credit card fraud and petit theft.

Deputy Reno responded to a call regarding a complaint of fraud on Jan. 7. The complainant explained she kept a credit card at her home for emergencies and had not used it at all but had begun seeing transactions on the account. She reviewed camera footage at the store and said she saw her assistant manager using her card.

Lamb reportedly said she had been at her manager’s house in December to wash her clothes but denied taking her credit card. When Deputy Reno asked her if he told her he had video evidence of her on camera using the card would it jog her memory, she again responded that it would not.

She was booked into the county jail. Her bond was set at $5,750.