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Red Sox player from Okeechobee restricted from entry to Canada


OKEECHOBEE -- Former Brahman Kutter Crawford, who now plays for the Boston Red Sox, missed an opportunity to play in the club’s series in Toronto last week due to his vaccination status. Like many Okeechobee residents, Crawford has chosen to remain unvaccinated.

Crawford graduated from Okeechobee High School, played baseball for Florida Gulf Coast University and was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2017. After making his way up through the ranks, Crawford was finally placed on the active roster to start the 2022 season but was almost immediately restricted when he revealed he was unvaccinated. The vaccine is required for entry to Canada. Specifically, a person must have received a second vaccine dose of the two dose versions or one dose of Johnson & Johnson at least 14 days prior to entry.

Crawford was one of two Red Sox players placed on the restricted lists. The second was Tanner Houck. The team played a series of four games there and lost three.

Both players were able to rejoin the team in Baltimore on April 29.

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