Yoga for Life: Actualizing the Inner-Body/Mind through Yoga

Posted 12/14/22

As we begin  Yoga practice, we come in touch with how we see ourself and thoughts on how we can work to improve...

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Yoga for Life: Actualizing the Inner-Body/Mind through Yoga

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“Life is like a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour up the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing” (William Shakespeare, “Macbeth”) This is the fleeting nature of life that Macbeth describes as a shadow changing form as it appears on the stage for a while, then disappears. Macbeth characterizes the belief that “shadows” do not have a conscious awareness of Life, it is just a reflection, not representing the true essence of a flesh and blood body. This may be the same as the image of ourself we see reflected in the mirror that has taken physical form over time with or without conscious awareness, reflecting the status quo. However, with conscious awareness, human beings can and do change as new thoughts emerge and growth occurs.

As we begin  Yoga practice, we come in touch with how we see ourself and thoughts on how we can work to improve our form/habits that contribute to health and wellness.

Yoga is a long-term mental/physical practice exercising personal choices, integrated into every day habits that contribute to positive growth. As American writer/poet, Robert Frost contemplates about his own life: “I chose the road less traveled and that has made all the difference.” Yoga may be that “road less traveled” by the majority of people.

As the new year approaches, we focus on how we can “polish” and renew life. A Yoga practice awakens new energy. Each person examines their own personal challenges on what needs to happen to actualize new growth/habits.

Let’s experiment with a Yoga posture that requires concentration on form and reshaping the body. The “Crescent Lunge Pose’ is demonstrated by new to Yoga practioners at Shield Medical Group: Omayra, Mary (a continuing Yoga student), Kathy. Leticia and Cyd. This is a balancing pose to lengthen the core of the body with one leg extended long to the back and the other in a lunge with bent knee over the ankle. Arms are lifted, parallel, up to the sky with the head centered between the shoulders and a level chin. Hold the pose for several breaths and keep lifting the core to release tension in the back/neck vertebraes. The pose is a great one to breathe out tight energy in the spine it is held for several long inhales/exhales. After holding the pose for several breaths, transition to the other leg as this develops core strength and balance. Repeat this pose on both sides, at least 5 times.

For new to Yoga practioners, it is important to do the best you can, as strength and focus improves with practice. “Crescent Lunge Pose” stresses balance through strong shoulders, spine and hamstrings as they come into alignment. Holding each Yoga pose for several breaths is important to translate the correct form from the visualization in the mind into the body. This mental to physical transition is part of learning every new Yoga posture. “Crescent Lunge Pose” leads into other postures that require core strength and stability. This pose is a good beginning.

Each time you roll out the Yoga mat, the worrisome world disappears which is one of the great benefits of Yoga. Each Yoga posture is slow moving giving the muscles time to adjust as oxygen flow increases and toxins are released on each long exhale. As the class together evolves, the positive attitude of each Yoga practioner makes a difference! Yoga is a fun way to lift the spirits. Join our Yoga class for a new beginning in the New Year!

Join us at Shield Medical Center on U.S. 27 North. Yoga classes meet Tuesdays, 1-2 p.m., Thurs. 5:30-6:30 and Fridays 1 - 2 p.m. Have fun with Yoga on a pathway of fitness.! ALL CLASSES ARE FREE!

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