Yoga for Life: “Lizard Pose” releases the negativity of prolonged sitting

Posted 2/28/23

When the hips are tight, one of the best Yoga poses to practice is “Lizard Pose”

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Yoga for Life: “Lizard Pose” releases the negativity of prolonged sitting

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When the hips are tight, one of the best Yoga poses to practice is “Lizard Pose” as demonstrated by Joyce Shafer, Tamra Shafer, Lourdes Martinez and Cynthia Buckwalter at Shield Wellness Center, Sebring. When beginning to initiate this pose, the back is lengthened as well as the hamstrings, hip flexors and muscle groups in the core. This pose takes slow movement to initiate and gain strength.

Start the pose through “Downward Dog,” lying flat on the floor with the legs lengthened in the back. This is an intense hip opener. Begin by bending both arms at the elbows with fingers/arms straight forward and forearms flat on the floor. Slowly lower the length of the body over the forearms, keeping the shoulders in line with the elbows. With one leg lengthened straight back, the other leg is bent and brought forward to the outside of the bent arm. Fingers are spread wide. The head is lifted and held. The body is balanced on the forearms with toes curled under the outstretched leg. While executing the posture, slowly and fully breathe. Keep the head lifted and straight up from the neck.

Sitting for long periods of time, tightens the body and interrupts the flow of oxygenated fresh blood throughout the body. Beginning to initiate this posture challenges the hips to open and relax. This is a great posture to practice with kids who spend many hours sitting in car seats, strollers or desks. Excessive sitting leads to tight hips, hamstrings and poor posture. Practicing this pose with school kids will help them maintain natural mobility, relax and stimulate thinking. The body/mind requires movement for healthy absorption of food and increased oxygen flow to feed the body nutrition, circulated in the bloodstream.

This pose provides a deep lengthening, so “practice” is the key to flexibility. Over time, more movement in the hips will occur. A rhythmic breath is also important. When you begin the pose, deeply inhale and slowly exhale as you raise the right knee and pull it forward. Exhale slowly when you release the arms to the floor and hold the extended posture.

Yoga teaches us how to enhance, liberate and balance life energies. Join our weekly FREE Yoga classes at Shield Wellness Center, 4597 Casablanca Circle. Tuesdays: 1-2 p.m., Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and Fridays 1 to 2 p.m.

Look forward to the Jan 28th, all day Yoga event at the Sebring Civic Center. Our Yoga classes will demonstrate and teach Yoga postures on stage. It will be a fun event and volunteers from the audience can also participate.

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