Yoga for Life: Peace of mind, slowing down and breathing

Posted 1/12/22

Do you evaluate how you move through life? Are you rushing through thoughts/projects?

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Yoga for Life: Peace of mind, slowing down and breathing


Do you evaluate how you move through life? Are you rushing through thoughts/projects? Are you focusing on “meaning” and perfecting each action? How are you living in harmony with yourself and others?

One gauge is to observe drivers on the road. Often drivers are distracted by texting or talking on the phone. When mental attention and faculties are divided and rushed without “thinking” what is accomplished? Awakening the mind to thoughtful, purposeful actions to accomplish specific goals is a way to move forward with a purposeful life: This is part of the Yoga philosophy. Is it time to revive and perfect a “purpose” in every action, whether by riding a bike or walking with a destination of mental awareness applied through action?

When you begin a Yoga practice, you sit/stand with eyes close to shut out the business of the world. You delve deep within your mind to awaken purposeful meaning of actions in the present movement and throughout the day.

A Yoga practice is not rushed. “Concentration involves slowing down and “thinking.” Yoga postures are focused movement to improve health applying determination and practice to achieve physical/mental results that can be measured. Yoga is not a “exercise,” it is a practice translated into everyday functions that require definition of purposeful goals. Through various initiation of postures and practice result in observed health benefits that reshape the mind and physical definition.

Turning on a Yoga tape lessens the actual inner journey of a personal connection physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually into a deeper and level of conscious awareness. When Yoga is practiced with others, an evolved learning experience is heightened. Through physical initiation of Yoga postures and evaluation of thinking with others, health is improved as meaningful experiences are evoked into a deepen conscious awareness.

Yoga classes begin with precise, deliberate slow breathing that deepens as it synchronizes with postures. Yoga charges the mind with learning and application; it is about growth and personal health goals.

Today’s practice begins in a simple seated postured, legs crossed, arms resting on the back of the palms with crossed legs, eyes closed accompanied by slow deep inhales/exhales. When the mind is stilled, the physical body relaxes. This is how a Yoga class begins.

Break away from non-thinking patterns and restore calmness. Find harmony from within. This is Yoga.

Join the Sebring, YMCA weekly Yoga class, MWF 10:30-11:30 a.m. or new classes beginning January 31st, at the Peter Powell Roberts Museum, Avon Park, on Mondays, 5:30 -7:00 p.m. For more info: The first class is FREE!

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