Yoga for Life: Yoga heals the body through movement

Posted 7/26/23

Yoga is movement. Yoga is body flow with a purpose.

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Yoga for Life: Yoga heals the body through movement


Yoga is movement. Yoga is body flow with a purpose. Yoga heals and awakens the muscles, tissues, organs to breathe in fresh oxygenated blood. It is through movement that the body releases toxins and breathes in new energy. Sitting for long periods and restrictive movement in the mind/body inhibit healing and growth. Yoga guides the body through postures that circulate blood throughout the body. Yoga is not a stationary practice.

When the body is allowed by the mind to become locked in only specific limiting movement, growth is stunted and pain becomes lodged in the muscle tissue. Fear also restricts movement. Thus, a yoga practice begins in the mind. A positive mental adjustment may be needed when beginning a new yoga practice.

There are many health benefits in practicing yoga postures. Yoga is a mental attitude and is best practiced in person, not through technology. Yoga is not artificial intelligence.

Reading articles to stimulate mental growth is positive when action is taken to initiate thoughts. Visualizing how to initiate a posture is a beginning step in a Yoga practice. Yoga is not stationary. Yoga is learning to guide movement in the body that stimulates the excretion of waste materials that build up in the bloodstream/tissues. Growth is not limited to an age factor that becomes locked into the brain as a way of life. Life is growth and change in tune with the body.

Yoga breaks through limitations of a frozen mind in fear and challenges limited thinking that inhibits growth and renewal. New life is generated through the flow of oxygenated blood, nutrition and positive forward-thinking. Yoga is realizing the mind and body renews itself every day by breaking through old habit patterns that inhibit positive steps for growth and accepting challenging opportunities to learn new yoga postures for health and wellness.

Yoga twists is one way to come overcome restrictions in movement imposed in the body by the mind. New physical/mental healing strategies are learned in Yoga that require study and activation to initiate growth and change of the physical anatomy. Physical limitations in the body have many causes that can be attributed to accidents, poor nutrition, a closed mind and re-enforcement of negative ideas that limit growth. Any time during a yoga practice, an individual can consult with a medical professional or strength coach to assess flexibility, physical restrictions (if real or imposed by fear) to determine if yoga postures are pro-active for you.

Begin to breakthrough mental imitations by first, accessing the body with easy lengthening postures such as standing tall in Tadassana. (Stand tall and pull blood from the feet up through the extremities). Raise both arms into the sky and with deep breathing, distribute oxygen from the feet through the fingers. Close the eyes and visualize a tall lengthened body as a beginning mental breakthrough. Yoga begins in the mind.

Once the body is loosened, as best as possible, close the eyes and visualize a body that moves and flows without discouragement and quitting. Turn off the technology and unfold your yoga mat to begin your individual practice that can convene with others who share an idea of growth, not negative/limitations.

Join the free Yoga classes at Shield Wellness Center, 4597 Casablanca Circle, (US 27 North just past Sun and Lakes Blvd. turn off; Shield is on the right). class schedule: Tuesday and Fridays 1 to 2:30 p.m.; Thursdays 5:30 to 7 p.m. Mats are furnished.

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