Yoga for Life: Yoga postures to relax anxiety and stress

Posted 8/21/23

There is much joy to celebrate in today’s life; we need to begin with simple “SMILE.”

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Yoga for Life: Yoga postures to relax anxiety and stress


There is much joy to celebrate in today’s life; we need to begin with simple “SMILE.” This is the first step in letting go of negative thoughts that feed negativity further demonstrated in our posture, the way we walk and talk. Begin now with an overview of “you!”

Start first with a smile whether you feel like it or not… Just do it!” which is the famous slogan created by NIKE the athletic shoe maker. Next, go inside the mind and thoughts to toss aside those that produce negativity. Stand in front of a long mirror when you begin this assessment, with your big smile. Watch how new energy can emerge when you observe yourself in the looking glass. Are you standing tall with spine aligned and straight or are your thoughts dictating your posture to stand hunched over in depression or anger? Cut yourself free! Notice in the mirror how you lengthen your spine and align your feet, legs, shoulders in a straight-line. Hold the form and study it while you deeply inhale and exhale through the nose. Pay attention to your breathing, as you release the toxin into the air. With each inhale, keep smiling and fill the lungs to their greatest capacity of oxygen Hold that breath for a count of five, at first, and then slowly exhale the carbon dioxide and toxins deeply. As you close your eyes, remain focused on harmony within and without that you are creating. Avoid allowing the outside world to shape your mind/body/emotions/thinking. Take over your destiny.

The ways of the world today, do not necessarily promote a positive attitude/action/responses. Each person has the choice to manifest and create their environment despite negativity lodged in others, promoted through the media and other alleged philosophies of growth. Today’s realty takes thoughtful analysis and positive choices that you manifest in the world/atmosphere you create.

This week, I revived the documentary I produced in San Franciso in 1974 entitled “The Illusive UFOS.” Available for your viewing for free on YouTube. The experts I recorded include nuclear physicist Stanton Freidman, and aviation pioneer John Northrop (deceased) who designed the flying wing relating his experience some 20 years ago back from 1974 as a test pilot. The program is a reminder of philosophies that arose around UFOs which still applies today to the innovative science of health and wellness. There are so many advertisements that can clutter and dissolution of the mind/accents programed to take away personal choices and analysis choices of how to maintain a fit mind/body.

I chose yoga many years ago as a course of thought and actions when I was a news director of several TV stations in California through Florida. The exposure to so many varied ideas, deceptions, exaggerations forced my attention on what choices I will personally live to maintain a healthy mind/body. The bombardment of social media did not exist in the early 70s and people were researching personal options from any expert sources in health/fitness/wellness.

Yoga has been a reliable source then and now. When we move certain ways, in control of our thoughts/actions and health life evolves in a positive pathway. How we move, beat, eat and think are a composite image of who we are. Yoga is a pathway to mental/emotional/philosophical health if we choose that path and practice the philosophy mentally/physiocracy… Yoga is not just a magazine of models with perfectly molded bodies. Yoga is a personal choice and pathway for clarifying choice that will calm the human mind/body into a healthy/mindful future.

Mindfulness means awareness and with that idea comes initiation and practice of a yoga philosophy. Research into many sources is a key to understanding but there is no exception to practice and initiating the yoga postures. Each yoga posture has a mindful purpose such as spear pose. This pose requires determination, as all yoga postures, to focus mentally and physically on internal actions. When initiating spear pose, you start on the floor with knee and legs aligned with the shoulders and a long extended back with opposing arms lengthen forward and to the back. The pose needs to be held for several long breaths to create the form mentally and physically.