Goodbread successfully defends County Commission seat

Arnold wins Supervisor of Elections race; Bryant wins Clerk of Courts race


OKEECHOBEE– Incumbent County Commissioner Brad Goodbread has successfully won his reelection bid, defeating challenger Demetre Riles.

Goodbread won 10,251 votes, while Riles earned 5,291.

Goodbread, who was first elected to the board of county commissioners in 2016, emphasized his record when campaigning for reelection this year.

“Most of what I have to run on is my record,” Goodbread said at the Okeechobee County Political Forum. “We’ve worked hard. It’s a long list. We developed the Okeechobee County Economic Development Board. We hired a new road and bridge director who has been great. We’ve hired a new Parks and Recreation director and she is incredible at going after those grants that help us increase the quality of life. We hired a deputy county administrator. We never had one before. That has provided us the ability to get so much more done. Everybody has heard about the Bass Pro deal. That is still on. They’re still trying to get all the permits. They have the ones from the county but they’re waiting on the Army Corps of Engineers and South Florida Water Management. But it’s still on the front burner.”

Goodbread’s victory came after two other incumbent Okeechobee County Commissioners successfully won their reelection bids during the primary. Kelly Owens and David E. Hazellief both won their contests in the Republican primary back on Aug. 18.

On Wednesday morning, Demetre Riles congratulated Goodbread in a social media post: "Congrats to our District 3 Commissioner Bradley Goodbread. I hope we all learned something throughout this process. To the citizens of District 3, you have to develop a relationship with your commissioner so we can work together and get things done. If we want changed we have to do it together. Supporting the leadership and hold the leadership to a standard and change will happen. The election is over for the local government so we now can get back to making our community better."

In other county races,  Jerry Bryant received 62.3% of the votes cast in the Okeechobee County Clerk of Courts race, unseating incumbent Sharon Robertson.

Melissa Arnold received  60.25% of the votes in the Supervisor of Elections race. Lisa Rodriguez received 34.82%;  Donna Howard, 4.93%. Supervisor of Elections Diane Hagan did not seek re-election.

In the presidential race, 71.79% of Okeechobee County voters chose Donald Trump.